Reflection on Labs



For this discussion post, you will need to review the performance lab reports you completed in Weeks 2 and 6.

Please respond to the following in a post of 150 - 200 words:

For the lab from which you learned the most:

  • Describe the single most important lesson you learned from completing this lab.
  • Explain how you will apply this lesson in your current position or one you hope to obtain.

For the lab from which you learned the least:

  • Explain what you hoped to learn from completing this lab but didn't learn.
  • Recommend how this lab could be modified or what it could be replaced with to better meet your needs.


7.4.2 Using OpenSSL to   Create a Public/Private Key Pair

In this lab, you will use OpenSSL to create a public/private key pair. OpenSSL is used for secure communication over the network. It works on the exchange of public keys and authentication by a private key.

Completion of 7.4.2 demonstrated the use of “openSSL” to make a “private key and public key pair.” Several instructions in the terminal program are executed as a result of this. Once the instructions are executed,   OpenSSL will encrypt the system traffic and “exchange private and public   keys.”

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