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After viewing the three videos and now understanding what found art & readymade art is, look around. What do you see? You’ll now see that there is art surrounding you everywhere within your environment. Connect with the objects, hold the objects, recognize, and appreciate the object's function, but think, could there be a different function for these objects? Allow your mind to see the objects in diverse forms. What could this objects become? Let that original purpose take on a new meaning. What is its new purpose? Use these questions as a jump-starter for you in analyzing your work for the artist statement. Also, while gathering ideas for your artwork, consider these objects personally while making the overall piece as a connection to you. Interpret the personal meaning of your work as the primary substance of your artist statement which you will create next in this module.


The artwork guidelines are as follows: (use as your checklist) 

1. Construct a found art or readymade art piece with a clear understanding of your knowledge from the videos.

2. The completed piece of art can be any shape, size, and/or color, this is your artwork, you decide! It must, however, incorporate the found object somehow.

3. Please take  two in process photographs  as you create your artwork in order to show us how the artwork evolved. Please take  two photographs of the work when it is completed, including one detailed close-up and one photograph showing the whole artwork .

4. Save your photos as jpegs. 



Now you get to create art through your writing about the artwork you made in this module. An artist's statement is a written interpretation of your work. You are representing your art to offer a more extensive understanding for the viewer. An artist's statement intends to relate the observer to your artwork. Please discuss the process of making your art, and the meaning contained in your piece of the seen and unseen. Please offer insight into how to see your artwork by giving others a descriptive take on your artwork and create a captivating artist statement. To prepare yourself, please go back and review the artist statements that are in each profile of the artists that are included. Your artist statement should be unique and very expressive and detailed in language, relating to the artwork that you made of either found art or readymade art. Please remember a minimum of 200-words in a word.doc format and remember to submit jpeg images of artwork as stated above.

Please address the following guiding questions in your artist statement. Your artist statement will look a bit different than the examples you have been reviewing because we want you to address the questions below.

1. What object(s) did you find?  

2. Why did you use this object(s)?  

3. What is the recontextualization of the object(s), how did you re-invent their purpose through this artwork?