Reading Log


Choose a novel read throughout the course because one of the best ways to become a better writer is by reading great books. There is a reading log (attached) assignment to complete at your own pace, which asks you to log the time you spend reading for just one week of the course. 

You can choose the week. 

You can create an edited document with typed answers, or you can print it out and write on it before scanning it or taking a photo of it. When you open the log document, you'll notice a couple of sections. "Cool words" refer to any words you find in the text that grab your attention for some reason. Maybe it's a word you don't know and need to look up, or maybe it's just something that sounds awesome in that scene. There really is no way to go wrong with any chosen words. It's meant to be an authentic vocabulary building exercise. 

"Windows and mirrors" refer to things in the text that inform you about something different or remind you of things in your own life. A window might give you an insight into another culture while a mirror might help you understand why you felt a certain way in a given situation in your past. Windows and mirrors are empathy builders, and that part of the exercise is meant to be reflective.  

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