Reading Guide 3



Please answer the following questions based on your interpretation of the text. Each response should be about one paragraph in length. Please do not copy directly out of the textbook. Like all classroom assignments, will be utilized and it will be considered plagiarism to copy word for word from the textbook. Please submit in this format; write the questions out and do not submit one long block of text.

Chapter 7

1. Please list and describe some of the most effective places to conduct and look for research. Be specific as to why you believe they are good choices.

2.Describe in detail how you can determine whether or not an article is credible and suitable for a research-based assignment.

Chapter 13

3. What are some effective strategies to maintain audience interest? What makes them effective?

4. What are some strategies to enhance audience recall? What makes them effective?

5. What are some considerations to keep in mind when you are writing a research-based speech like the informative? How can you ensure that your audience will be able to understand a complex topic?

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