True or False?

The core of Confucian philosophy is Humanistic

True or False. 

A key concept of Confucianism is that one must govern oneself before one can govern others.

True or False. 

Ritual (or rites) are not an important part of society for Confucianism

What is a gentleman (Junzǐ ) contrasted with in Confucianism

True or False.

Relationships are not a central part of Confucianism

Filial piety is considered among the

How many constant relationships are there in Confucianism?

True or False.

Loyalty is an important concept in Confucianism.

True or False.

Rectification of Names (zhengming) can be summed up as speaking the truth, saying what is really real and not using language to deceive. 

True or False.

Although the state of female rights has improved somewhat since the communists took over the country in 1949, female children are still not wanted as much as male children.

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