Questions 3

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Annotated bibliography; 

Each annotation should summarize , synthesize and analyze the content of each article. APA format for annotation is required. 

Each annotation must be 250 words or more and include the following content:

  • 1. Theoretical foundation/framework for the evidence-based practice(s) described in article
  • 2. Strengths and weaknesses of evidence-based practice(s) described in article
  • 3. Research design, including research methods implemented in the study
  • 4. How can the information presented in the article be applied to action research related to your topic?

Using these sources 


Skarupski, K. A., Gross, A., Schrack, J. A., Deal, J. A., & Eber, G. B. (2018). The health of America’s aging prison population. Epidemiologic Reviews40(1), 157-165. 


Alexandra D Crosswell, PhD, Madhuvanthi Suresh, BA, Eli Puterman, PhD, Tara L Gruenewald, PhD, Jinkook Lee, PhD, Elissa S Epel, PhD, Advancing Research on Psychosocial Stress and Aging with the Health and Retirement Study: Looking Back to Launch the Field Forward, The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, Volume 75, Issue 5, June 2020, Pages 970–980,

Using APA format

250 words for both articles. 500 words in total. 

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