Python programming assignment



The goal here is to write some software that would assist a retail store manage their stock levels. The assignment will get progressively more complex as it proceeds - the early stages will be reasonable straight forward and will be sufficient for a passing grade, and the more advanced stages are for those who wish to go further and target a higher overall result.


All assignments should be written in Python 3 and should run in IDLE. They can be written on any type of computer, but they should be able to be executed in the computer pool.

The highest marks will be for working code. However, in cases where there are problems, you will be assigned marks for how you approached the task. It is also expected that you will provide comments in the programs to explain how it works, and these comments will account for up to 10% of the overall grade.

In each case example output is given. You should try and make your output and process match the example as closely as possible.


Further details are in the file attached below.

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