PUA5305 Unit VI Project Topic

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Part I

This assignment is the first of a three-part process. Parts II and III will be completed in Units VII and VIII respectively. 

Using your favorite search engine, select a local government budget that has not filed a petition for bankruptcy. Evaluate the past three years of the selected government’s distribution of income. Develop an analysis including the following: 

  • Evaluate trends of revenue sources and balances (funds,      surpluses, deficits) and how they impact the government’s budget. 
  • Evaluate ethical practices of financial policy on      taxes, fees, and charges. 
  • Assess internal/external opportunities and challenges      of revenue sources. 

Your report should consist of no less than two pages, and all sources utilized should be cited and referenced using APA style. Please ensure that you include a cover page and reference page. Remember that the cover page and reference page are not included in the page expectation. 

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    PUA5305 Unit VI Project Topic

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