Psychology Signature Assignment-Infographic - The Professional School Counselor


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Search for inspiring digital TED Talks/Lectures/ or Presentations that convey information about the school counselor roles (either PK-12 or Community College) that are related to the ASCA National Model, Counseling Theories, Counselor Leadership, and Student Advocacy. Include new knowledge that you acquired, or that was enhanced during this course.

You will create a creative, well-organized, inspiring < 5 pages “infographic” that includes links to digital TED talks, Lectures/or Presentations that is a teacher and/or parent-friendly . *When creating your Infographic, choose a platform such as Piktochart, Canva, Google sites, etc.


Includes the following elements in your project:

(2) TED Talks/Lectures/ or Presentation videos embedded into the infographic.

The foundational research and relevant sources (at least 4) that support or connect the talk, lecture, or presentation area of interest.

How and why the talk inspires you?

Key vocabulary or terms defined that were discussed in the talk/lecture/or presentation that is important for an audience to know and remember (use visuals and text).

(5) essential questions for your audience to consider extending understanding, stimulating thought, leading to new ideas, reflection, and provoking inquiry.

Cite all graphic sources as well as text.