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Stress in Relation to Psychology

1. Introduction

Introductory statement: Stress is a modern epidemic that affects individuals of all backgrounds and professions in today's hectic environment. This overview examines the many facets of the connection between stress and psychology, illuminating its effects on both the mind and the body.

Thesis statement: Stress directly contributes to mental and physical health issues, as well as the development of psychological disorders.

2. Body

I. The Prevalence and Impact of Stress

Topic Sentence: In the United States, about half of all adult’s report feeling stressed on a regular basis.

· Workplace stress affects 80% of American workers (Cooper & Kompier, 2021).

· Stress has a depressing effect on behavior and wellbeing.

· Memory and judgment are two cognitive functions that are negatively impacted by stress.

II. The Physiological and Psychological Effects of Stress

Topic Sentence: In addition to having physiological effects, stress also has psychological and behavioral effects.

· The chemicals released in response to stress may have negative effects on one's physical health (Appley & Trumbull, 2022).

· Anxiety, sadness, and impaired mental performance are some of the psychological effects.

· Addiction and sleep difficulties are both exacerbated by stress.

III. The Link Between Stress and Psychological Disorders

Topic Sentence: When it comes to mental illness, stress plays a major role in both its onset and progression.

· Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Lewis, 2022).

· Stress increases the likelihood of developing depressive and manic-depressive states.

· How persistent stress contributes to anxiety problems.

3. Conclusion

Closing statement: Because stress is such a pervasive issue in today's culture, it is necessary to have a holistic awareness of the effects that stress may have on both mental and physical health.

Restate thesis: In light of the mountain of information, it is abundantly obvious that stress plays a critical part in not only contributing to problems with mental and physical health but also in stimulating the development of psychiatric illnesses.


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Directions for rough draft

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