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PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology Learning Unit 3: Assignment

Elizabeth Loftus Activity

Elizabeth Loftus is one of the world's experts on memories, especially on eyewitness testimony and on

the controversial nature of recovered memories. Her research has shown most compellingly how

reconstructive memory is, and how potentially fallible.

Using YouTube, type in the search tool “Elizabeth Loftus”. Many videos will appear. The videos are an

opportunity to hear first-hand about Loftus's research in the field.

Watch one (or more) of Loftus’s videos & complete the following assignment.

• Type the title of the video in the title box of the submission area when submitting your


• Give a brief overview of the content that was presented (2-3 paragraphs)

• What was the most meaningful concept or concepts you learned while listening to her video?


• What was in the video that you can take away and use in your life?

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