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Week 5 Assignment: Sampling and Participant Treatment


Instructions: Use this worksheet to strategize your sampling procedure and any ethical concerns that may arise with this group. Reviewing Chapters 4 and 5 will be helpful for this assignment. Please write in complete sentences.

Provide Hypothesis

For convenience, please paste your hypothesis here.

Target Population

3 points

Please describe your target population. In other words, who would you like your study to generalize to?

Accessible Population

3 points

Please describe your accessible population.

Sample Characteristics

4 points

How many people will you need for your study? In addition to needing statistical power to find an effect, consider:

· The sample size that will be representative of your population

If you are having any conditions in your study, how you will have enough participants for different conditions?

Sampling Procedure

4 points

After reviewing Chapter 5, which sampling procedure will you propose using in your study? Please apply this procedure to your study and describe how you will use it. (Hint: the better you do this, the more you’ll be able to use this directly in your final research proposal.)

Ethical Considerations

6 points

Please review the APA Ethical Guidelines Concerning Human Participants in Research (Hint: they are in Chapter 4) and identify at least three that are important for your particular study. For each guideline, please describe how your specific study will ensure ethical practices.