1. How do the cognitive symptoms of anorexia impact someone’s thoughts and behavior, and why can anorexia be difficult to treat?

2. What are some of the differences (psychologically/safety-wise) between street-based sex workers and sex workers who work independently online (like the ones in Dr. Koken’s study)? And which of the two groups does science know more about, and why?

3. From your reading “Beyond Discrete Categories” by Dunham and Olson, why do they say studying variation (like intersex people) is beneficial for science overall? What is wrong with just studying the majority?

4. What are some of the most common rape myths in the United States - and how are gender role teachings connected to them? How might these myths contribute to people’s false belief that false rape accusations are common?

5. From your reading “Combating HIV stigma in health care settings: what works?” by Laura Nyblade and team, what was shown about the existence of HIV stigma among medical professionals? What impact could HIV stigma have on patients? What does the research team suggest would help combat HIV stigma in healthcare settings and among healthcare professionals?

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