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PSYC 621

Research Paper: Outline Template

Title Page


Thesis statement: one sentence that states the focus of your paper

1. Key Points (include 3–5 main points)

0. Point 1

0. Point 2

0. Point 3

0. Point 4

0. Point 5

Body of Paper

Topic sentence and supporting research for each of your key points. Use the same order as in the introduction. Utilize all 12 article references.

1. Research Concept/Finding

0. Supporting evidence

0. Connect to next concept/finding

1. Research Concept/Finding

1. Supporting evidence

1. Connect to next concept/finding

1. Research Concept/Finding

2. Supporting evidence

2. Connect to next concept/finding


Restate your thesis and summarize main points. Discuss the connection between attachment in childhood and spiritual development. What is the influence of attachment on subsequent spiritual development? Scriptural citations are required here.


At least 12 peer-reviewed journal article references

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