Project Progress Report


 Complete the Project  Progress Report l by following the directions from the attached document.

Project Topic:  SecOps 

You can complete a project in which you engage a real-world client for the purpose of security assessment, governance, audit, testing, risk analysis, or remediation. The real-world client can be your workplace or any other place of your choice. 


Milestone 2 – Project Progress Report

Incident Response Plan that is compatible with NIST SP 800-61 

  1. As a good start after the approval of the proposal, make an inclusive literature review to collect information from different types of information resources.
  2. Prepare a progress report using the Progress Report template Download Progress Report templateLinks to an external site.provided for review papers, and submit it in Module 5. Note that the project progress report is not a standalone template; it is essentially the last saved draft of your review paper together with some self-assessments on a scale of 0 to 5
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