Project Planning And Implementation In Health Care


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Imagine you have accepted a project management internship where you will work with a health care chief information officer (CIO). Your manager has asked you to write an educational blog post about the process of project management.

Write a 350- to 525-word blog post in which you:

  • Define       project management.
  • Summarize       the project management process.
  • Describe       the benefits and challenges of implementing the project management       process.

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Discussion Topic-175 words

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Every department of an organization is affected by project management. As a project manager, you will communicate with a variety of people and departments to accomplish your projects.

Discuss the following with your classmates:

  • What is the role of project management in health information      technology? 
  • What is the role of project management in your organization?
  • What is the impact of project management on the organization?

Replies-100 words minimum

Delores Bellow

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Project Management in health information technology works to improve productivity of an organization. Project Management is like an advisor, coach, or teacher. Project management works with teams to ensure projects follow requirements for developing and delivering a project's completion. A person in that position handles developing a project’s plans. They implement strategies to get the project started. Executing the project is a nothing thing that is part of the project management roles. Project management also checks the completion and finishing of the projects. As project management works with stakeholders, minimize the cost of a project, and ensure it is completed on time without problems. Project management impacts health information technology. Project management impacts patient care by lowering healthcare costs, improving population health, to ensure better patient care. It helps the organization run smoothly and make sure employees are on track with performing and completing projects in the organizations. Project management makes sure delivery is successful. Impact of project management improves collaboration and communication between individuals and team. Project management works with the organization to budget and schedules for projects to be completed. It’s easier to develop new websites or ideas in an organization. 

Jill Hyland

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The role of project management in health information technology is to assess, develop, suggest and implement new software and systems for the organization.

The role of project management in my organization is to assess, develop, suggest and implement new equipment, procedures, software, hardware, upgrading technology. Currently, the project that I'm on is our reference laboratory changed, and we started sending most of our laboratory tests to another reference laboratory. This requires assistance from many different departments in the hospital. I am the laboratory person, I get the new tests set up; and then after the tests are built, Charge Services makes sure the prices and codes are dropping correctly. Then Health Informatics Team looks for the old test in providers' favorites or on order sets and they update the providers and the order sets. Then I remove the old test from the testing compendium. We've been doing this since September, and it's an ongoing process.

The impact of project management in our organization is that we get new equipment, procedures, software, hardware. It may take a short time to get the projects done, but it mostly takes a long time for the projects to be completed. The project I was in before the one I'm in now was the implementation of Cerner Electronic Medical Record system in our organization. While it is mostly complete, there are things that we are fine tuning; even after two years, we're still finding issues with Cerner.

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