Project cap 4



Because you are the program manager over the project portfolio management (PPM) software tool project and the strategic planning software tool project, the project management office (PMO) director has asked you as to provide a schedule and a communication plan for the project. In addition, the PMO director wants you to list the job roles for the major tasks in the project and note any potential risks.

You will provide a detailed memo in the Phase 4 Individual Project. For now, you will provide an outline of the schedule for the project. For each project, supply the following in a post to the Unit 4 Discussion Board area:

  • Describe the project objective(s).
  • List at least 5 major tasks.
  • Identify at least 1 potential risk (positive or negative).
  • Build a stakeholder's communication matrix to describe communication techniques

The document should be an outline similar to the following:

  1. PPM Project Name
    1. Project objective
    2. Major Tasks
      1. Task 1
      2. Task 2
      3. Task 3
      4. Task 4
      5. Task 5
    3. Risks
      1. Risk 1
      2. Risk 2

You only have to list the tasks and risk names. You will go into detail later.

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