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Professional Journal Report

Using your AARC account (or another reliable resource), find a scientifically published professional journal article relative to the theme of Respiratory Care. This journal article should include some type of study performed and have enough detail for you to write this report. Using the guidelines listed below, you will, in your own words, write a summary of the article, highlighting and detailing the importance of the article and its significance in the practice of Respiratory Care.

Following submission of your paper, you will give a brief presentation to the class regarding your article/summary (See RESP 201 Cardiac Monitoring and Diagnostics Syllabus for dates).

Your paper should display each of the headings (in italics).Each heading should contain the information listed below:

Journal Information Article Title Article Author Publishing Journal Date Article was Published APA Citation

Introduction Background Rationale

Design/Study Trial Design Patient Population Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria Intervention Outcomes/Goals Statistics Results

Conclusion Limitations

Application to Respiratory Clinical Practice


Grading will be assessed using the provided grading rubric. Your paper portion will count for 30 points, and your presentation will be out of 10, for a total of 40 points.

Helpful hints and tips:

- To be considered complete, your summary must contain each of the given headings/subtitles. - Please include the title and author of the article, and using proper APA citation, include the

citation. - Do not copy and paste from the article, unless quoting a portion. Proper citation must be

used. - Make sure that you are summarizing the article in enough detail that the significance of the

article, as well as all of the importance details, can be conveyed through your writing. - Your paper does not have to be in essay format, however each of the topic headings should

be covered in a professional writing format. Keep your paper organized in a report type fashion.

- Ensure that you are using proper and professional grammar, spelling, and format. - This is an individual project. Each student should submit their own work and plan to present

independently. - Your presentation should be a summary of your written summary. Please do not read directly

from your written report. - You will be graded on thoroughness and completeness of your summary report as well as

your ability to summarize the article through your presentation (See grading rubric).