probability and statics



  1. For your first portion of the project, you will collect data, describe your variables, and start a report.
    Your class project will have several parts with multiple due dates to help you not procrastinate. For your first portion of the assignment, you will collect data and describe your variables.
    1. For this project you must find some published or existing data. Possible sources include: almanacs, magazines and journal articles, textbooks, web resources, athletic teams, newspapers, professors with experimental data, campus organizations, electronic data repositories, Dr. Jacob’s github, something from this list, etc. Your dataset must have at least 25 cases, two categorical variables and two quantitative variables. It is also recommended that you are interested in the material included in the dataset.
    2. Start your report!
    (a) Introduce your data set including a reference to where it can be found.
    (b) Describe all relevant variables that you will use in your analysis.
    (c) Include a small portion of your data that highlights why you are interested in this data.
    (d) Write a brief conclusion including something you hope to find using your data.
    The first report will be graded by the following criteria:
    • Data Collection - 10 points. The data is gathered in a responsible way. The method of collection is clearly stated and variables are all explained.
    • Data Reporting- 10 points. A portion of the data is reported highlighting something you wish to examine more closely.
    • Data File Inclusion - 10 points. The original data file is included in the Blackboard submission.
    • Report Style - 10 point. Your report contains a title, author name, class it is for, and instructor’s name.
    • Writing Quality - 10 point. The paper is readable and clearly written. There are few, if any, grammatical or spelling errors and they do not interfere with the clarity of the paper.
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