Principles of Microeconomics


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1.  How do you think the recent elections in Congress will affect the United States economy? 

2.  Do you think that the minimum wage should be increased? Explain.

3.  What economic trends (a pattern; an indicator that shows how a region or country is doing financially) do you foresee for the 2021 year and that we should be watching?  (Examples:  unemployment, consumer spending, inflation, employment and labor force, interest rate, international trade, tariffs, will the economy improve?)

4. The core of the economic problem emerging from corona virus is a “supply shock,” meaning a reduction in the economy’s capacity to make things. In what ways do the corona virus affect the microeconomics in the United States?   Can the virus damage the global economy? Do you think the economy will fully rebound after the virus is contained? 

5.  With all the information that you have learned in this class, what is the most important thing that you have learned?  Is there anything that has surprised you?

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