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  Subject:  Operational Excellence 

Provide a reflection of at least 500 words (or 2 pages double spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this course have been applied, or could be applied, in a practical manner to your current work environment. If you are not currently working, share times when you have or could observe these theories and knowledge could be applied to an employment opportunity in your field of study. Requirements:Provide a 500 word (or 2 pages double spaced) minimum reflection.Use of proper APA formatting and citations. If supporting evidence from outside resources is used those must be properly cited.Share a personal connection that identifies specific knowledge and theories from this course.Demonstrate a connection to your current work environment. If you are not employed, demonstrate a connection to your desired work environment. Be sure to not self-plagiarize as this assignment is similar in multiple courses. 

Course Objective:

 This course focuses on the skills & knowledge to guide an organization in its best use of technology to achieve its business goals and objectives. Although technical knowledge & skills are essential for technology professionals, this course focuses on the development of more general leadership skills. The ability to communicate with a broad set of stakeholders is essential & this course will offer exercises in skills such as negotiation, persuasion, agility, coaching & facilitation through case studies, role playing and simulation. Technology leaders must also understand the elements of developing & implementing an overall IT Strategy for the organization. This course will review the various levels of strategy & how strategy is implemented. 

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