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NTRY 0107 PowerPoint Project   

Due date: Nov. 23rd ( and/or Nov. 30th), 2023


PPT project requirements

Slide theme of your choice

Transitions between slides

Slide footers, and an example of speaker notes

Text animation – entrance and exit

1 Title slide, 1 overview slide, <5 content slides

1 table (created within PPT)

1 SmartArt graphic

1 picture

1 picture animation, created using drawing tools

no grammatical or spelling errors


Other presentation guidelines

Keep in mind when making a presentation:

Keep text to a minimum

Appropriate font size, style and colour

Be consistent with text styles, colors & positions

Don’t overuse italics or bold

Don’t overuse effects, transitions & animations

No more than 2 graphics per slide


PPT Project – Choose a Topic

related to your prospective technology

something for which you can make an animated drawing

of interest to you (enough that you enjoy creating your presentation!)


PPT Project – Create your groups:

Groups of three, must be in the same set. All three students should participate in preparing the slides and presenting.

~10 minutes presentation for each group, about 15-20 slides.

PPT Grading

Your presentation will be graded for

Appropriate topic

Required elements included on slides

Content – details, technical explanations

Design – overall impression, effective use of slide design and text, logical flow of information


Tips to Remember

Keep your content organized

Keep your text brief

MAX 6-8 lines per slide, 6-8 words per line

Keep your designs simple (don’t overdo animation)

Keep your fonts/colours consistent