Positive Organizational Cultures


BACKGROUND: As you prepare to enter the health care industry as a health care professional, you will be responsible for influencing the organizational culture for your team. 

Preparing for the Assignment

Research a company that is known to have a good organizational culture (e.g., Google, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Publix, Mayo Clinic). Choose a company to complete a case study. You are welcome to choose a health care organization or one you find in your research.

You are required to use the WORD document template attached below. Insert your responses in the WORD document template. Select the three dots below to download. It is required that you use this document. A 10% deduction will be applied if the template is not used. 

Assignment Directions

 Respond to the following prompts within the assessment template attached below. All responses for each prompt should be thorough and at least a good size paragraph. A paragraph usually contains 7 to 10 sentences. 

  • Describe the company you chose and how the company aligns with your personal values.
  • Explain the importance of communication to good culture.  
  • Provide an example of the company’s effective communication methods. 
  • Describe some possible ineffective communication methods and how a company could resolve them.
  • Include at least 2 sources. Cite them within the text and list the references in APA format on the reference page of the document attached below. Please format according to APA guidelines.
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