Pop Up raffle Word Document


Create a fun exciting word document for a elementary school pop up raffle. The pop up raffle should include why it is important to recognize good behavior. This pop up raffle should include directions where you will be selecting a grade level and popping up to get them to fill out raffle tickets for good behaved student whether it be a single day, a couple of days, or even a week. This pop up raffle will be filled out by a teacher where she will put names on the raffles to be put into a container. You will shake the container and draw a few names to recognize them for good behavior and staying on task. Every pop up raffle will give students a chance to behave all week so they can be entered in the drawing. If the they do extremely well you can even have the teacher fill out two for an extra bonus. This Brochure is made for the teachers of the grade level that you choose to do the pop up raffle for. This should be a fun page in black and white to get everyone excited. Have Fun! 

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