Policy Memo



In this policy memo, you will provide to a state and local representative, political party or interest group background and analysis to support a position recommendation on a morality policy of your choice. In the role of policy analyst you are to provide the necessary information and support for a single course of action. (PLEASE USE THE TOPIC OF LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA IN THE STATE OF OHIO)

The topic or issue considered should be narrowly defined. You may find pending bills or a policy adopted in another jurisdiction provides an appropriate level of specificity to aid your focused analysis and drafting of the memo.

Research the arguments on both sides of the issue using meeting minutes, legislative committee analysis, expert interview, interest group literature or scholarly articles as appropriate. Additionally, do background research on the issue stances of the politician you are advising, the nature of those they are representing and potential opposition to the policy that exists or might emerge.

The written policy memo should include the following components:

1.  An executive summary that encapsulates the arguments) and recommendation(s) of the memo.

2.  A brief introduction and description of the problem and the policy proposal identified to address it.

3.  A review of proposals and summary of the arguments for and against your specific proposal.

4.  A proposed solution and rationale for it as the chosen option.

5.  An assessment of what steps are necessary for action, what obstacles exist, the level of urgency for action and the political realities that may influence success

The policy memo should be 4 pages, double-space, in length.

All references should be cited using APA Style format.

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