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A project manager works in a financial institution where data security is accorded the greatest importance. The head of the IT department has recently launched a project investigating all the organization’s workstations in order to remove any illegally installed software and buy legal versions instead. To successfully implement this project, the project manager needs to collaborate with all employees and department heads.

During the project execution, the project manager gets support from all stakeholders, except for the head of investments and the head of customer relations. The head of investments always claims that they didn’t receive the project manager’s emails and thus cannot help them with their requests. The head of customer relations, on the other hand, seems to be constantly busy and never replies to the project manager’s emails. But they do respond directly whenever the project manager runs across them in the hallway.

Remember that relationships with stakeholders should be managed and controlled to foster collaboration. Collaboration is shaped by stakeholders’ expectations, power, interest, and level of engagement.

Given the information in the scenario:

· Create the stakeholder register and identify the sponsor of the project.

· Assess in 175 to 350 words using Microsoft Word, the expectations different stakeholders may have for the project.

· Develop the power/interest chart.

· Determine whether the head of the investments department and the head of the customer relations department are in the same quadrant.

· Assess in 175 to 350 words Using Microsoft Word, how the project manager should deal with each stakeholder.

· Develop the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix.

· For each stakeholder, place a “C” in the appropriate column to designate their current position toward the project and a “D” in the appropriate column to designate the project manager’s desired position.

· Determine in 175 to 350 words how the project manager should classify the head of the investments department and the head of the customer relations department.

· Use the  Week 2 Summative Assessment: Project Coordination - Templates document  for assistance in developing your stakeholder register, power/interest chart, and assessment matrix.

Cite any sources to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment using your name as part of the filename.


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