Please answer all three (3) discussion questions. Use the concepts discussed in the book. Answer the questions in at least 300 words with good content that clearly demonstrates your knowledge of the topic.


1. Why is it important for business units to continually revise their product or service offering? What new products or services is your employer, or an organization you are familiar with, considering? Recommend some metrics that could be used to measure the performance of the new product or service.


2. What is project management? What is the definition of a project? What are the basic components of project management? What is the role of a project manager? Can you describe these topics in the context of a project being done within an organization of your choice?


3. Pick a process in your organization and describe its purpose and steps. Can you determine success criteria for each step in your selected process? What are the inputs and outputs for each step? Are there any timing considerations? Could the process be improved?

Required Text:

David A. Collier & James R Evans (2013). OM4 or OM6 South Western Cengage: Boston, MA. ISBN- 13: 978- 1- 133- 37242- 4 

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