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Sneel's glass of water:

The image to the left shows several different optical effects including reflection, refraction, and image formation.

  • Through how many different media does the light from the steel rod travel before it enters your eye? 
  • Define diffuse reflection, and tell what its role is human vision.  Define speculator reflection and point out an example of speculator reflection in the graphic.
  • In what ways is the image of the rod distorted by the water, the air, and the curved surface of the glass? In terms of Snell's law explain why.
  • Is the distortion of the image the same in the vertical direction as in the horizontal direction?  Explain why in terms of the curvature of the glass. 

Be sure to provide substantive responses to at least two of your classmates. For instance a response referencing some specific point in the post to which you are responding is a substantive response. Another example of a substantive post is one which prompts your classmate to address some missed point of the discussion. As always responses such as, "Good Job," and "I agree," are considered non substantive and earn no points.

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