Philosophy Statement



• What are my beliefs about the family and the nature and quality of family life and the human experience? 

•  What is a "family"? How important are families? What values do I hold  regarding families and the human experience? What does it mean to be  human? 

• What are my beliefs about the purpose of FLE? 

•  What is the nature of FLE? What value does FLE have in com­munities? Is  it to provide insight, skills, and knowledge? Is it to change behavior?  How "interventionist" should FLE be? 

• What are my beliefs about the content of FLE? 

• Of  what value is university-based theory and research to families? Of what  value is the lived experience of individuals, families, and communities,  and how can it become part of the content of FLE? How do my personal  values regarding families and the human experience influence the content  I select? 

• What are my beliefs about the process of learning for families in outreach settings? 

• How  do individuals and families learn most effectively? What teaching  strategies have the greatest impact? How important are learning goals  and evaluation in these processes? What assumptions do I hold about  learners? 

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