For this Performance Task, you will write an article for an area  Association for the Education of Young Children (AEYC) addressing the  current issue of: Is Play Really All That Important? Your article will  include an analysis of what play is and why it is important; kinds of  play; current issues related to play; and an early childhood teacher’s  role in fostering play in early childhood settings.

Taking a Stand for Play

You have been the director of an early childhood center for more than  a decade. Over the years, the ages of the children you’ve served have  changed, as have the demographics of your community. But, valuing play  has always been at the core of your program philosophy and practice.

Lately, you have become acutely aware of a controversy over the value  of play. You are not only hearing concerns from the families about the  extent to which your program practices embrace play but also from  professionals in the field and members of the elementary schools your  children will move on to attend. Rather than commiserate with a few  like-minded colleagues, you’ve decided to take a public stand. You feel  strongly not only about the value of play but also the realization that  helping people understand specifics about play will be a way you can  advocate for healthy development and learning in your community. You  send an outline of an article to your area AEYC, and they agree to  publish your piece. You are excited to begin!

Here is the outline you submitted:

Title: Taking a Stand for Play (Approximately 1000 words)

  • Section 1: What is Play and Why is it Vital to Children’s Healthy Growth and Development?
    Analyze  what play is and how children benefit from play. Include quotes and  citations from at least three research-based resources. 
  • Section 2: What Does Play Look Like?
    Explain various types of  play in which young children engage and potential related learning.  Include citations from at least two research-based resources.
  • Section 3: Staying Current: Issues Related to Play
    Explain at  least three current issues related to play from a play advocacy  perspective. Include citations from at least three current resources.
  • Section 4: How is Play Facilitated in Early Childhood Settings?
    Analyze  the role of early childhood teachers in facilitating play in early  childhood settings. Include citations from at least two research-based  resources.

To complete this assessment:

  • Write a professional article, approximately 1000 words, citing your sources.
  • Structure your article according to the outline.

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