Part 2: Conduct a Chi-Square Test


  Part 2: Conduct a Chi-Square Test

Imagine you are the manager of a non-profit business, and you are looking to hire a recent college graduate. You list the position as paying $20,000/year. After interviewing candidates you decide that some will be offered the expected salary, while some will be offered more because of experience and interviewing skills. Others will be offered less than expected until they can demonstrate competence and their salary will increase when they are fully qualified. 

Using Microsoft® Excel®, run a chi square Goodness of Fit test to determine whether these observed starting salaries are significantly different. What do the findings tell you? 

Write a 75- to 100-word summary to describe your results.

Paste your Microsoft® Excel® output below your summary. 

Expected Salaries Observed Salaries

Applicant 1 $20,000 $17,500

Applicant 2 $20,000 $20,000

Applicant 3 $20,000 $22,000

Applicant 4 $20,000 $20,500

Applicant 5 $20,000 $20,000


Part 2: Conduct a Chi-Square 000

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