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Need to write 3 pages paper in double space excluding introduction and conclusion. Our topic is better waste removal so you can pick any topic that helps for the betterment of city. And also please make powerpoint slides according to your paper.

Here, instruction for paper>> here 10-12 pages is for all group so just write 3 pages.


This is a collaborative assignment written in your assigned groups.

Background: According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, cities will need to become “smarter” to meet the demands of the future. Although the term “smart city” typically refers to information and communications technologies, cities around the world are using a wide range of technologies to improve energy efficiency, infrastructure, mobility, communication, manufacturing, healthcare, safety, and convenience.

Assignment: Imagine that you work with the city planner for Atlanta, GA and are looking to improve the citizens' well-being in a specific way. As a group, you will choose a combination of real scientific or technological innovations that you think would benefit Atlanta in a way that achieves a common goalFor example, you might choose a set of innovations that have positive impacts on the health of people living in the city, or you might group the innovations based on improving the safety of the people in the city. As a group, you must first decide what goal of introducing the innovations will be, and then each group member will write their section on an innovation that contributes to that goal. Each individual member's section should explain (1) what the innovation is, (2) how it works, and (3) how it will be implemented in the city.

In 10-12 double-spaced typed pages, each group will create a group of descriptions that explain the innovations in sufficient detail so that a non-expert reader could understand how they work and how they will be implemented in the city. Each individual group member will be responsible for a particular innovation, and the group will collaborate on the other sections of the paper (e.g., introduction and conclusion). Cite all sources you use according to APA style. 

here is the instruction for powerpoint slides>>

 Your goal is to explain each of the innovations you wrote about in Paper 2 so that a non-expert audience will understand their benefits and any drawbacks (be honest—don’t just cover the positives). Also explain how these advancements would be implemented in the city. Although the science and technology you describe must be real and any factual details must have source support. 

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