organizational restructuring memo


you are the head of HR and the leaders of your organization just approached you to restructure the sales team. Currently there are four Divisional Vice Presidents that oversee 15 District Managers each. Moving forward, there will be two Divisional Vice Presidents with three Regional Directors reporting to each of them. Every Regional Director will oversee 10 District Managers. 

Refer to the Organizational Chart for a visual representation of the current and new structure.

Write a 600-word memo (TO, FROM, SUBJECT , DATE) to the leaders of your organization in which you complete the following:

  • Recommend the best strategy to implement the change, using language from weekly reading.
  • Evaluate how to effectively execute your plan, explaining the impact on the organization.
  • Draft a communications plan that explains the reasons for these changes to the organization.
  • The main content of the memo is written in APA format, which includes 2-3 sentences of background of the issue and the purpose of the memo to leaders. The main body of the memo is formatted per APA, with sub-topics, and ends with a closing or summary-which includes a brief summary of key purposes of the memo and a call to action to readers asking them to act based on reading the memo.
  • Include two terms, or concepts or best practices , and two citations per page. Include a reference page with two peer reviewed references from the weekly reading.
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