online voting system along with biometrics


Requirements :

  • Title of the project (with the list of project team members);
  • Executive Summary;
  • Table of Contents;
  • Introduction;
  • Project Plan;
  • Functional Specifications (including descriptions of Actors/Roles; Business Rules; Use-Case
    Diagrams with Use-Case descriptions; Examples of Class Diagrams (related to particular Use Cases); Examples of Object Diagrams [related to the selected Class Diagrams]; Examples of Sequence Diagrams; Examples of Collaboration or Communication Diagrams; Examples of State- Chart Diagrams);
  • Functional Tests Plan;
  • System Design Specifications (including System Architectural [Layered, “Physical”] Design
    Scheme selected; Package Diagram [populated with interrelated classes]; Database Tables; Entity- Relational diagrams; Window Navigation Diagrams; Drafts of User Interfaces; and Examples of System-Response Report Forms);
  • Integration Tests Plan;
  • Issues to Future Studies;
  • Conclusion;
  • References;
  • Appendices (if any).
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