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It is widely believed that climate changes impact peoples’ health.  Your instructor will assign a country for each student to research (United States).  Start by finding at least one scholarly article that discusses the health effects of climate changes.  Summarize your findings using at least 15 medical terms and abbreviations. Conclude your post with a list of the 15 medical terms and abbreviations used in your summary.  For each term and abbreviation, identify the meaning.  Remember, your list should appear at the end of your summary, within the same initial post.   Include at least one scholarly source, excluding the textbook, to support your 300-350 word initial post. All references used must be cited in correct APA style

TIP: Please make sure that you include all elements of the discussion to receive full credit. Elements include the following:

· Medical Term or Abbreviation

· Term/Abbreviation Breakdown

· Prefix

· Combining form

· Suffix