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In this Wiki we will study the character of David, son of Jesse, warrior, and second king of Israel. "Voting to keep him or voting him off the island" is simply a metaphor we will use for extolling his good qualities or actions, and citing his bad qualities or actions. Israel is not an island and never operated like a reality TV show being able to keep or vote people off the island.

Based on everything you have read already in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and background information provided by the editor of your study Bible, Harris textbook, and instructor, you must argue about David's character based on what is good for the people of Israel becoming a strong nation of Israel and being in Covenant with the LORD. Or you can argue from a geopolitical stance from the same sources. You must not argue in vague generalities such as saying he is a man of faith, you must define any terms you use within the biblical context and give examples from his life in the Bible.

Sources for David's Life: I and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-2, 1 Chronicles 6, 10-29, Psalms

Sources for What is Good for Israel in Covenant with the LORD: Deuteronomy 5-10; Psalm 72, Proverbs. You are not limited to these sources, but they must be in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible; not the New Testament. Remember the impact on Israel can be hypothetical, you need not find evidence of the good or harm in 1 or 2 Samuel.

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