OB 5


Key Assignment

Conduct a current literature review on the significance and influence of individual and group behavior in a corporate environment. In a 5–7-page scholarly paper, discuss and examine organizational behavior and management on an individual, group, and organizational level; human performance goals and objectives; and strategies to manage individuals and groups effectively in an organization. Provide professional examples of recent organizational behaviors and share best practices and recommendations for leaders of the 21st century. 

This scholarly paper must include the following: 

  • Cover page  
  • Abstract and 3–5 key words  
  • Introduction (what the paper is about and how it is organized)  
  • Literature review (a discussion that integrates what was found in the literature)  
  • Body (analysis of how the literature relates to organizational behavior and management in a corporate environment)  
  • Application (share best practices, professional and personal experiences)  
  • Recommendations (for 21st-century leaders)  
  • Conclusion (concluding remarks)  
  • References (10 recent peer-reviewed scholarly articles)

The cover, abstract, and reference pages are not included in the 5–7 page count. 

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