1. How do      nurses use clinical decision making in nursing practice? 
  2. How is      clinical decision making defined? (Support this with available      literature). 
  3. Why is      clinical decision making important to nursing practice at all levels of      nursing? 
  4. What      do you recognize as the best clinical decision-making model to be employed      by nursing? (Make sure this is supported by course readings and other      credible literature choices). 
  5. Determine three      decision making models that could be applied to the above      scenario. First provide a brief overview of the decision-making model (use      literature sources but make sure to put into your own words). Provide a      rationale to support your choice of the decision-making models. Describe 2      pros and 2 cons of this type of decision-making in nursing. 
  6. Apply      two of the three chosen decision-making models to the above scenario,      making a clear link between the decision-making model and the scenario;      this illustrates your understanding of the model that you have      chosen. 
  7. What      decision making models do you feel are most applicable to nursing and why?      Is there just one? (Support your response) 
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