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for the case report assignment, you will be required to write a case, case conceptualization, and treatment summary for a hypothetical client who has experienced trauma. The case report will be completed in three parts spread throughout the semester, starting with the proposal. For the paper proposal, you are to: (1) create a case, and (2) begin to outline what you will discuss in the formulation and treatment summary. (1) The case (about 2 pages). You will need to create a case. This can be completely made-up, a fictional person (character from TV, a book, or movie), a real client you have/had, OR a real person you know, such as a friend, relative, etc. Note: IF YOU USE A REAL INDIVIDUAL, YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME AND ANY CHARACTERISTICS THAT WOULD CLEARLY IDENTIFY THE INDIVIDUAL (e.g., date of birth, name town in which he/she is from or resides in, etc., see Include information on their background (e.g., family background, upbringing, profession, social and cultural identity, etc.), traumatic experience(s), the presenting problem(s) (i.e., current symptoms and what they would need to work on in therapy, which can include comorbid problems if you wish), and, optionally, any other brief description of their personality or attributes that might impact treatment. You should include some tentative or provisional diagnoses as well. Keep in mind that you will use this person’s case study to develop the 2nd part of the paper, so you will want sufficient detail about the most problematic/distressing symptoms, emotions, beliefs, and current impairment in functioning to guide that discussion. (2) I do not expect that you will be able to fully outline the conceptualization and treatment sections, as this will be information you will gain throughout the course. However, my hope is that you will share with me, in about a page, what aspects of the case you plan to focus on in the case conceptualization and treatment sections. That is, for this specific client, what do you view as some of the factors that conferred risk for PTSD/trauma-related outcomes for this individual, what factors maintain the disorder presently? This will help you to focus in on what factors will need to be addressed, for this particular client, in order for treatment to be successful. Finally, what are some initial thoughts you have about how these can be addressed in treatment? When thinking of risk and maintenance factors, consider the topics of discussion in modules 0-5 of the course and in Part II below (cognitions/behaviors, emotions, biology/neurobiology, social context and identity, etc.). This one page (or so) could be laid out as: Risk and maintenance factors for PTSD (longer section)