NON-Profit Advocacy Plan



The final project for this class will require you to consult with a nonprofit organization to help them develop an advocacy plan, or assist with updating an advocacy plan that the NPO already has in place. You will work in groups of two and meet with a nonprofit organization to learn about their advocacy focus relating to some aspect of social justice (if they have one).  In consultation with the nonprofit representatives, you will decide on what specific aspect of the NPO's work they'd like to promote, be it with policymakers, legislative bodies, their board of directors, etc., and you'll develop a plan for how the issue should best be promoted.

I have contacted several nonprofit organizations in the Memphis area that are willing to work with our class this semester, and you and your partner may choose to select one of them for this assignment.  You and your partner may also select a nonprofit of your own choosing, such as an agency with whom you have an existing relationship.  If you are not in the Memphis area, you may select a nonprofit agency in your community.  Ideally, you and your partner will be able to meet with representatives of the nonprofit you choose as you complete this assignment.  However, it may be necessary for you to have virtual meetings with your nonprofit representatives.

The assigned textbook for this class should be a great resource as you approach this work.  Also, I will post a series of short readings, as well as video interviews with nonprofit practitioners, advocacy and lobbying professionals, as a way to offer guidance and support as you tackle this assignment.  

I will share more specifics about this assignment during the first couple of weeks of the semester, including a definitive due date. 

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