Nexus Framework



As your software development project evolves, the current team structure and process may need to be modified due to, but not limited to, expanded scope, additional team members, or simply to accommodate organizational changes. Fortunately, the creators of the Scrum framework had the foresight to develop insight and guidance for scaling a project. The most common framework for this process is called the Nexus framework. You’ll notice that the Nexus framework creates a “Scrum of Scrums” type of project organization.

In your discussion this week, focus on the following scenario that has occurred in your organization that affects your project:

  • The project has received additional funding, which will allow you to hire and add more cross-functional software developers to your project.
  • The management team expects that this additional investment will allow you to build and deliver more features than originally anticipated in the same timeframe.

Address the following in your discussion:

  • Discuss your approach for applying the Nexus framework to your overall project.
  • Describe the changes you will make to the events, artifacts, rules, and team roles.
  • Explain how you will synchronize the processes of the reorganization.
  • Detail how you will measure whether the changes you have made to your team have resulted in an improvement or a detriment to the overall project.
  • Identify the change(s) you would make to Azure DevOps to accommodate these process modifications.
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