Read about the rise of rise of the Neo-Evangelical movement after World War II (section 5.2.2 and 2.3) from pages 308 to 309.

Write 300 words about Billy Graham and on the context, causes and characteristics of the post WWII neo-Evangelical movement. What were the primary ways that neo-Evangelicalism differed from the older fundamentalist movement?  How do is modern Evangelicalism engaged with mainstream culture and politics?

  1. Give a brief overview or summary of the key figures and developments of neo-Evangelicalism  (covered on pages 308 to 309). 
  2. Give your own reaction to Evangelicalism drawing a line contrast between it and Protestant fundamentalism.
  3. How do you see the involvement of Evangelicalism in politics and culture wars affecting its mission and evangelistic outreach to mainstream U.S. society?
    • In your post, consider some of Billy Graham's reason for leaving the fundamentalists and calling himself an Evangelical?
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