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Week 4 Discussion Forums

HSE 450:

· Discuss the five key dilemmas facing terrorist organizations and the six organizational models associated with radical terrorist organizations.

· Explain the connection between radical terrorism ideology and terrorist targets.


In this discussion, we focus on NATO.  After reading through the material this week, you learned how Europeans parliaments function and the executive authority of various European nations and the European Union.  You also learned about NATO and the OSCE, along with their role in European security.

Discuss how the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) can play a role in counter-terrorism.  What are some of the major security threats faced by the EU since the creation of NATO and the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation and Europe)?


HSE 470:

For this discussion, read through the material under Week 4, including Chapter 4 in your textbook (Attached to post).  We focus on Mali this week.

Discuss how political insecurities are interrelated with terrorism in Mali.   In your discussion, include how the toppling of Gaddafi impacted these insecurities.



Discussion forum participation will be graded using the following criteria:

4 points

5 points

Engagement / Interaction

N/A - no points are available for this criterion

engaged in a meaningful and relevant dialog with  two or more peers


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

participated on  two or more days

Content / Topic Relevance

discussion forum contributions very often addressed the main topic

discussion forum contributions always addressed the main topic


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

responded to main topic the day of the first post due date

Content / Topic Knowledge

displays a very good understanding of the material

displays an excellent understanding of the material