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Discussion Forums due 1/24/2024 at 11pm.

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Week 3 Discussion Forums

HSE 450:

Terrorists from the Middle East such as bin Laden were responsible for the terror attacks on 9/11 and other terror attacks.

· Describe the concept of a radical jihad from a homeland security perspective.

· How does fundamentalism impact radical terrorism?

· What are some of the differences between different Islamic State movements and how can they impact homeland security.

HSE 460:

To understand terrorism from a global perspective, it is important to understand foreign political structures and international factors that influence the risk of terrorism. 

In this week’s discussion:

· Explain how the European Union can increase critical infrastructure protection against terrorism;

· Briefly explain the role of the European Court of Justice;

· Why does monetary union exists within Europe?  Is this related to security?

HSE 470:

This week’s discussion will explore important aspects of politics of Somalia and factors associated with terrorism.

· Discuss how the politics of Somalia impacts terrorism, particularly Al Shabaab.   Include your thoughts on the inadequacy of the counter-terrorism paradigm.


Discussion forum participation will be graded using the following criteria:

4 points

5 points

Engagement / Interaction

N/A - no points are available for this criterion

engaged in a meaningful and relevant dialog with  two or more peers


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

participated on  two or more days

Content / Topic Relevance

discussion forum contributions very often addressed the main topic

discussion forum contributions always addressed the main topic


N/A - no points are available for this criterion

responded to main topic the day of the first post due date

Content / Topic Knowledge

displays a very good understanding of the material

displays an excellent understanding of the material