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HSE 420 Week 8: Written Assignment

In approximately 500 words, write a response to the following: In this chapter, we learned the Jason group warned of many risks that are now possible today in Biotechnology. With that in mind, consider the following questions:

· What if a highly lethal pathogen with a short incubation period had never even been encountered before?

· How long would it take public health officials to develop a new diagnostic test and write a case definition?

· What if some pathogen could produce a localized outbreak then render itself harmless?

· Conversely, what if a pathogen could continually alter itself in such a way as to evade treatment?


 Wk 8: Written Assignment Rubric


14 points

20 points


Response thoughtful and fairly well written; most opinions supported with facts

The response to the assigned topic was thorough and well written, with varied sentence structure and vocabulary; opinions were always supported with facts.

Idea Development

Good reliance upon examples and details to illustrate and develop ideas and opinions.

Excellent use of examples and details to explore and develop ideas and opinions.


Contains an introduction, some development of ideas, and a conclusion.

Very logically organized; contains an introduction; development of the main idea (or ideas), and conclusion.


Few or no spelling errors; some minor punctuation mistakes.

Flawless spelling and punctuation.


Citations included in proper format with few or no errors, or no citations needed

Citations included in proper format with no errors or no citations needed