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 Unit VII Case Study Like many professionals, emergency managers have difficult decisions to make. Much of the time, these decisions must occur very timely, as an entire community has reached a vulnerable state. To make timely decisions, it helps to practice thinking like an emergency manager and about the challenges they face. This assignment allows you to think critically about those challenges and to begin formulating ways to overcome them. Select a major disaster that has occurred within the last 10 years. You may use the event you selected in past units or choose something new. However, you may not use the same disaster(s) that were used as examples in the Unit VII Lesson. Review at least two articles from scholarly and/or reputable news sources discussing and analyzing the disaster. If you use the same disaster as you selected from a past unit, you must review at least one NEW/additional article. Please try to use at least one scholarly article that is housed in the online library. In a two-page paper, illustrate ways that emergency managers can effectively plan ahead for the typical challenges that were addressed in this unit. Be sure to include each of the following in your paper:  an analysis of how at least two of the EM principles that were highlighted in Unit I fit into this case study (you may not reuse the same examples you used in your Unit I assignment), and  an analysis of how emergency managers may need to improvise when responding to this disaster to overcome these typical challenges (communication, transportation, special populations, politics, legalities, and record keeping). Please be sure to include support from the literature when completing this assignment, and use proper APA style (title page and reference are required, but are not included in the required page count). 

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