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Consider programs you may have been involved in as a student, a community member, a parent, or some other capacity. If you have never been directly involved in a program, think of one with which you are familiar.

350- to 700-w0rd pap3r responding to the following:

  • Describe the program you were involved with.  
  • What was the target population for this program?
  • What needs was this program designed to provide?
  • Examine the program from the following perspectives.
  • Community Perspective: Think about the people who receive services from this program. From their point of view is the program effective? Why or why not?
  • Counselor Perspective: How would you rate the success of this program currently? If you were tasked with evaluating the program, what goals or concerns will you need to consider in your research development? 
  • Stakeholder Perspective: If you were a program stakeholder, how would you rate the quality of the program? 
  • What conclusions can you draw from analyzing the program from these perspectives? 
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