Module 2


Can you help me with these two question?

Watch the F.A.T. City video and then respond to these questions using this document.  

Responses should be a paragraph in length for each question. Submit your responses through the link on F.A.T City Assignment link on Blackboard. 

1.        Describe an aspect of learning disabilities that was new to you or became more apparent. Provided a strategy for teaching as a result of watching Richard Lavoie’s simulation. In addition, this simulation has much to teach us but is dated. Point out an example of a phrase that Rick Lavoie uses about exceptional children that is now out-of-date. 

2. What were some of the participants’ reactions to Rick Lavoie’s “teaching”? Have you observed a similar circumstance over your school career as a student and/or a teacher? If so, explain how the teacher interacted with a student(s) for not getting the answer right. 

4. Many students with learning disabilities have difficulty processing information while listening. Briefly summarize what you learned about this condition that Rick Lavoie described as “dysnomia” (typically referred to as a learning disability in listening comprehension in schools).  

Include an example from the simulation. 

3. Discuss what Richard Lavoie said about “fairness.” What is your opinion, and how would you address this in a classroom? 

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Multicultural education embodies a perspective rather than a curriculum. Teachers must consider children's cultural identities and be aware of their own biases. 

How would you teach with a multicultural perspective? Your response should be detailed and provide an example. 

After posting your original response, read other postings and post a response to at least two classmates using the following ABC Approach.

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