examine two leaders who were involved in major incidents. Address each leader and event separately. Pick one leader who was highly successful with a major incident. Pick another leader who was highly unsuccessful with a major incident. (The incidents don’t have to be the same. The major incident has to involve some form of response by first responders or the military. The major incident can be very old or newer. Ensure there is enough material to complete the assignment.) Label each major incident then describe it briefly. Next, discuss the leader’s role and what things he or she faced. Describe how the leader was successful and why. Now do the same with the unsuccessful leader. Finally, create a table juxtaposing the successful leader (positive) and unsuccessful (negative) one listing positive and negative attributes accordingly for each. Try to incorporate and address as many course objectives as possible in your critique. In fairness to each leader there are always contributing factors. Be sure to address those for each one as well. 
The student will write at minimum a 5 page research-oriented assignment in current APA format. The assignment must include at least 5 sources (which should include the class textbooks and readings).

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