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Lesson 11 Hands on Project 2

Project Preparation

1. For this lesson, you will begin with  your ending file from Lesson 11, Project 1Lesson11_Project1_MEID.accdb" where MEID is your MEID

2. Re-save the database as  Lesson11_Project2_MEID.accdb" where MEID is your MEID

3. Download the  West Side Logo(opens in a new tab) image file to your course lesson folder.  (Note: After clicking the link, you may need to right-click on the image file and select "Save Image As" to save it to your lesson folder.)

Part 1: Create a Form

1. Create a Form using the  Form Wizard from the  Orders Table.

2. Add the following  fields to the form: ID, Item, Restaurant, Restaurant ID, Cost, and Quantity.

3. Use the  Columnar Layout

4. Name your form "Supply Order Form". 

5. Select the radio button to Modify the form's design and click  Finish.

6. Use the wizard to  add a Combo Box

· Insert the field above the  Item textbox in the open space to the right of the ID.

· Type the values for the combo box. There should only be two options: CMF Restaurant Supply and American Supply Warehouse.

· Store the value from this Combo Box in the  Vendor field.

· Name the Combo Box  Vendor.

7. Add the date and time to the  form header using a format of your choice.

8. Move the title field, which displays "Supply Order Form" so the left boundary is at the 1.5in mark of the horizontal ruler. Move the right boundary of the title field to the 4in mark of the horizontal ruler.

9. Add the West Side Restaurant Group  logo to the form. Resize and expand the image as necessary to see all the logo details.

10. Modify the fields on the form so that all are readable and appropriately sized to the information. Ensure no fields display "#######" which indicates the field is too small for the data.

11. Add a new record using your form for Pizzeria Italia for QTY: 1- Pizza Oven from CMF Restaurant Supply for $9,489.00. Ensure you enter in the correct ID for the Pizzeria Italia Restaurant. (See illustration below.)

12. Select the  Wisp Theme.

13. Select the  Violet II  color scheme option

14. Select  Century Gothic font

15. Save and close the Supply Order Form. 

Completed form with new record to save entered in.

Supply Order Form

Part 2: Create a Report

1. Use the  Report Wizard to create a  report from the  Orders Table using all available fields. 

· Group by  Restaurant. (Make sure that you are only grouping by Restaurant.)

· Sort Ascending by  Cost

· Select the  Outline  Layout with  Landscape orientation.

· Name the report " Placed Orders by Cost"

· Preview your report. 

2. Enter Design mode for the report and make the following modifications

· Remove the field ID

· Remove the field Restaurant ID

· Arrange the fields so they appear in the following order from left to right:  Item, Vendor, Quantity, Cost, Purchased Date. (Hint: Remember that you can hold down the CTRL key to select multiple fields and labels, and then move them together as one.)

· Resize the fields appropriately so that data is visible. Preview the report and ensure no fields display "#######" and all text displays.

3. Insert the West Side Restaurant Group logo into the report, as you did with the form, move the Report title so that the two do not overlap.

4. Apply the  Integral  theme

5. Apply the  Blue Green color scheme.

6. Apply  Arial font.

7. Preview your report. Make any necessary changes so that everything displays. The report will likely be on 2 pages. This is ok!

8. Save and close your report.  

Report created with all modifications applied.

Placed Orders by Cost Report - Grouped by Restaurant